Set Up Blackbaud Employee/Student Integration

To set up this integration you will need to do some basic steps in your Blackbaud system prior to setting up Visitu.

1. Find Your School's Unique Blackbaud URL

The url is usually in the format  The url is used by Visitu while syncing data to build unique URLs for your school.

2. Create a dedicated user in your Blackbaud System for Visitu

Follow these steps to create a new user.  Please make sure in step 5 to give the new user a username and password that is not required to reset on first login.

3. Set Up the New User's Security

Once the user has been created in step 2, follow these steps to add the Web Services API Manager role to the new user.  This gives this new user the required access to access Blackbaud data via the Blackbaud API.  The new user also must be of a specific type, it must be set up as a Platform Manager.  Platform Manager is a specific high level role for integration purposes.

Set up is complete on the Blackbaud side.  The following steps will be completed from the Visitu web dashboard at

  1. Go to the iPad settings link on the web dashboard
  2. Select the integrations section from the left hand side
  3. Enabled the toggle switch for Blackbaud Core ON API Integration
  4. Enter the unique school URL from step 1 above
  5. Enter the username and password for the account you created in step 2 above
  6. Press save.  This allows Visitu to set up basic security checks for the integration.

Continue to the steps below to configure the employee integration.

  1. Enabled the toggle switch for Blackbaud Employee Integration
  2. Enter the roles for the employees from Blackbaud, that you'd like Visitu to use as employees in Visitu for visitors to sign in to see.  If you start typing, a dropdown will appear with a list of suggestions that match the first few letters.
  3. Enter the phone number types that you'd like Visitu to sync from Blackbaud to use for employee visitor SMS notifications.
  4. Press save.

To test the sync immediately, press Resync Now to begin the sync process.  Depending on the number of employees being synced, this process could take 5-10 minutes.  As employees are being synced, they'll show up in the employee database section of the Visitu web dashboard.

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