How Do I Import Volunteers Into Visitu?

Volunteers can be imported using a CSV file format containing the information and headers that Visitu expects.  It is easiest to use the sample CSV to get started.

The key pieces of information that Visitu needs to import Volunteers into Visitu:

  1. First name
  2. Last name
  3. Email address (used to log in to the volunteer portal)
  4. Date of birth (required if you would still like Visitu to run sex offender checks on the volunteers when they sign in)
  5. Family ID
    The family ID is how volunteer hours are grouped together in Visitu.  This allows family and extended family to volunteer on behalf of another student.  All volunteers that have the same family ID will have their hours combined when running end of year family hour reports.
  6. Expiration date
    The expiration date is correlated to the volunteers fingerprint expiration date.  If the fingerprint expires, Visitu will no longer allow the volunteer to sign into the system.  The Visitu web dashboard has a report to view all Visitu volunteers with fingerprints that will be expiring.

Importing the CSV File

  1. Visit the bulk manage volunteer page on the Visitu web dashboard
  2. After formatting your data per the sample CSV sheet provided above, upload the file into Visitu
  3. After the upload is received, you'll be redirected to an imports page on the Visitu web dashboard.  If your CSV was very large, it may take some time for the file upload to complete.  Refresh this imports page if the details link for the file you just uploaded is not available.
  4. Once the file upload is complete and processed, click on the details link next to the file.  On this page you'll get a preview of the changes that are about to be made in the Visitu system.  After they've been reviewed, optionally change the notification email you'd like notified when the import is complete and click import.
  5. The import process may take several minutes.  You can refer back to the details link above in step 4 to view its progress.

More information about volunteer tracking can be found here in the volunteer overview article

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