Enable Volunteer Tracking For Your Account

  1. Log into the Visitu Web Dashboard at
  2. Go to the iPad Settings section (found in the top nav bar)
  3. Select the section on the left that says Volunteers
  4. Change the Volunteers toggle switch at the top of the page to YES to enable the button on the iPad
  5. Add some Volunteer Options
    Volunteer options are the reasons volunteers would be signing into Visitu to volunteer.  They appear in a drop down on the iPad for the volunteers to select while signing in.  They also show as the reason for the volunteer visit on the web dashboard and the volunteer portal.
  6. If you'd still like Visitu to print a paper badge for Volunteers, enable that now.
  7. Choose who should receive volunteer portal access request emails
    As part of the Visitu Volunteer module, your school is provided a parent/volunteer portal where volunteers can log in at home or from their mobile device to record volunteer hours.  The email you choose in step #7, is who will receive emails from parents when they request access to this volunteer portal.
  8. If a volunteer forgets to sign out of Visitu, Visitu has the ability to automatically sign the volunteer out of the building.  If you enable this feature, you also need to decide what time the volunteer should show as leaving the building as well as how many hours the volunteer visit should count for.
  9. The end of the year date volunteer setting is to help with reporting and other default views.  Set it to when the volunteer hours should officially start counting towards the next school year (so that the summer volunteer hours are recorded correctly).
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