What is the Volunteer Portal?

The volunteer portal is available to all Visitu education customers who have enabled volunteer tracking for their account.

The volunteer portal is a separate website that parents & volunteers can log into from home or their mobile device to record volunteer activities. 

What is the volunteer my volunteer portal URL?

A link is available here after logging into the Visitu web dashboard.  You can also access it directly by visiting  The school code is your Visitu username.

How do volunteers get access to the portal?

Any volunteer that is added to Visitu with a valid email address is automatically given access to your volunteer portal.  The volunteers can manage their own passwords to the portal if they forget.  Their default password can be found here.

If a volunteer doesn't have access to the portal, but accesses the portal page, there is a request portal access link that they can fill out.  This form will generate an email to the owner of the Visitu account (or the email set in the Visitu Volunteer Settings page), asking the school Visitu administrator to add the volunteer into the Visitu system.

More information can be found here in the volunteer overview article.

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