V1 Import Quick Badges

Quick Badges were created to allow frequent visitors a simple and quick way to sign in to the Visitu iPad app.

Follow the steps below to import Quick Badges from a CSV file into your Visitu account:

  1. Open a Web browser from your computer.
  2. Navigate to the Visitu Web Dashboard:
  3. Login to the Visitu Web Dashboard with your credentials.
  4. Select the Databases dropdown in the top navigation bar, and select Quick Badges
  5. Click the Bulk Manage Quick Badges button in the top right area of the Quick Badge Dashboard
  6. Using the sample Quick Badge Spreadsheet, or other Quick Badges exported from Visitu, click Choose File to select the Quick Badge CSV file to import.
  7. Click the Upload button to begin the process:

  1. After the file has been uploaded, you will see a link for View Previous Uploads. From there, you can see the progress of the upload. 

At this point, the file is being processed but your Quick Badges are not available in Visitu yet. There are just a few more steps:

Next Steps:

Depending on the size of the CSV file, the file upload and processing could take one or more minutes.  When the status for the upload reads Processed, click the Details link for that import to verify the Quick Badge data before it is permanently imported into Visitu:

There are four sections to review before creating the Quick Badges from your CSV file:

  1. Created - These visitors have no recorded visits in your Visitu account and will have visitor profiles created and a new Quick Badge.
  2. Updated - These visitors had previously recorded visits.  Their visitor profiles will be updated with a new Quick Badge.
  3. Exists - These visitors had previously recorded visits and also were already issued Quick Badges. No action will be taken on these visitors.
  4. Skipped - There was an issue with the data provided for the visitors in this section or they were found to be duplicates of another row in the spreadsheet.  No action will be taken on these visitors.

When you're finished reviewing the information, click the Import button at the bottom of the page.  Your Quick Badges will be created in your Visitu account and the email address specified at the bottom of the page will be sent an email when the import is complete.

NOTE: If the import details show all zeros, you may have to check the CSV file for any unrecognizable characters, such as a tilde (~) over an "n" or an accent (`) over an "e" and then try the upload again until you see the number of Quick Badges that should be created. These directions are also visible when you click on the Details link for the Import # after clicking on View Previous Uploads

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