I can't print badges after the Visitu 1.6 Update?

Visitu users have reported not being able to print badges to the Brother QL-720NW after updating the Visitu iPad app to version 1.6. Even though the Visitu iPad settings is showing a label printer and the correct IP address.

If you are experiencing this issue follow the directions below to re-add the printer to your Visitu iPad app. This should resolve your issue.

To configure your Visitu iPad to print to your Brother QL-720NW wireless label printer, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Visitu iPad app on your iPad.

  2. Login to the Visitu iPad app with your credentials.

  3. Tap the settings gear icon at the top of the home screen.

  4. Enter your settings PIN if enabled.

  5. Enter yourBrother QL-720NW label printer IP address in the IP ADDRESS field


    Tap the blue magnifying glass icon in the Brother QL-720NW Printer IP address field. If you tap the magnifying glass, select the Brother QL-720NW printer you want to utilize to print visitor badges.

  6. Tap Save.

  7. Tap Back to return to the iPad home screen.

You can test your printer configuration by tapping the TEST PRINT button. If everything is working correctly a badge should print from your Brother label printer.

NOTE: Please make sure your iPad and Brother label printer are joined to the same SSID wireless network.

NOTE: Brother has categorized the Brother QL-710W as end-of-life and will no longer support that printer in their iOS SDK for developers. Visitu version 1.6 will no longer support printing badges to the Brother QL-710W. We highly recommend purchasing the new Brother QL-820NWB that supports Wireless, Ethernet and Bluetooth connectivity.

Looking to setup your Bluetooth printer?  Follow these instructions

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