Add the Brother Printer to your Network

If you haven't ordered the Brother QL-710W or QL-720NW Label Printer, go ahead and do that first. You can utilize Visitu without printing badges, but badges makes it an overall more enjoyable sign in experience for your visitors.

The Brother QL-710W or QL-720NW Label Printer are the only printers we support at this time.

Once you have your printer, just follow the steps below to get it set up in no time! For more detailed instructions on how to add the Brother printer to your wireless network, please read Brother's instructions.

The materials (included with the printer)

  • Brother label printer
  • Adhesive badge labels
  • Printer power cord
  • USB cable


  1. Insert the labels and plug in the printer.
  2. Connect your printer to your mac with the USB cord.
  3. Visit the brother support page and download the Wireless Device Setup Wizard tool:

Downloads page for the QL-710W

Downloads page for the QL-720NW

  1. Follow Brother's steps to install the driver. This will include selecting your Operating System and then installing the Wireless Device Setup Wizard driver.
  2. Find the folder named after your printer (either QL-720NW or QL-710W) and open the SetupWizard application.
  3. Follow the instructions and sign into your Wi-Fi. The code it asks for will be your Wi-Fi's password.
  4. Check the "WiFi" light on the printer. If it's green and solid, it means you've connected to the Wi-Fi!
  5. Hold down the Cut button on the printer for 5 seconds and release. It will print off 4 sheets of paper with diagnostic information about your printer. Look for the Printer's IP address.
  6. Write down this IP Address and follow the instructions above to Set your Printer IP Address in your iPad App.

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