Configure your Visitu Sign In Process

With Visitu, you have the ability to choose what information to request/require from your guests. You can collect any type of information you choose including: First Name, Last Name, Date of Birth, Employee/Host Visiting, Company Name, Email Address, Phone Number, and custom questions.

To configure your sign in process, follow these steps:

  1. Open a Web browser on your computer. We recommend Google Chrome.
  2. Navigate to the Visitu Web Dashboard:
  3. Login to the Visitu Web Dashboard with your Account Credentials.
  4. From the top navigation menu, click "Configuration".
  5. From the left navigation menu, click on the "Visitor Sign in" tab.

From this page, you can configure features including notifying hosts of visitors, visitor information fields, enable/disable capturing photos, enable/disable badge printing, and enable/disable the name auto-complete option for recurring visitors.

Notify Employees of Visitors

Visitu gives you the ability to notify employees when a visitor arrives to meet them. Notifications can be sent from Visitu via Email and SMS (text message). If this feature is enabled, during the sign in process on the iPad visitors will be asked to specify which employee they are there to meet and will select their name from a drop-down list. After the sign in process is complete, a badge will print out and an automatic Email notification will be sent from Visitu to the employee, and/or a SMS (text message) will be sent.

To enable/disable notifying employees when they have a visitor, click the toggle switch to YES or NO for “Visitor Host”. 

Print Badges

Printing badges allows your visitors to wear an adhesive badge while in your facility. This will give employees the security that the visitors have already signed in and also allows them to identify visitors easily.

To enable/disable printing visitor badges, click the toggle switch to YES or NO for “Print Paper Badges". 

Take Photos

Visitu is set up to take photos of your visitors in order to help employees identify their guests after they receive a notification of their arrival. It will also allow you to keep better records and reports of your visitor history.

To enable/disable taking photos of visitors during the sign in process, click the toggle switch to YES or NO for “Take Visitor Photos”.

Show Previous Visitors in Autocomplete

Visitu also gives you the ability to show previous users in a drop-down menu when the first 2 letters of the last name are typed in for ease and accessibility. 

To enable/disable showing previous visitors in autocomplete, click the toggle switch to YES or NO for "Show Previous Visitors in Autocomplete". 


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