Configure your Visitu iPad App Sign In Process

Welcome to Visitu. Thank you for choosing Visitu to manage and track your visitors as well as improve your lobby experience! You have joined many other schools and businesses who have also chosen to set the right first impression for their visitors. We’re confident you’ll love this new experience.

Your customization of the Visitu iPad app sign in process happens through the Visitu App Settings section on the Visitu website.

This section allows you to choose how your iPad is presented and what fields your visitors will provide at sign in. You can configure your school or business name, choose your printing options, enable offender background checks, choose to take visitor photos, setup your NDA, specify what questions to ask your visitors and much more.

To login to your Visitu Web Dashboard, follow these steps:

  1. Open a Web browser from your computer.
  2. Navigate to the Visitu Web Dashboard:
  3. Login to Visitu with your credentials.
  4. Click your username in the top nav menu.
  5. From the pull-down menu, Click the "Visitu App Settings"

On this page you should configure the settings below.

Company Name

Enter your school or company name in this field. This is what will be displayed on your printed visitor badges and the welcome screen of your iPad app. It will also be displayed in any notifications and communications to employees via email and SMS.

Settings Pin

Enter a four-digit pin in this field. This pin will be used to enter the settings section on the Visitu iPad app. This is will provide a layer of security so that visitors cannot enter the settings panel on the iPad and change your printer IP address, sign in camera direction, etc.


With Visitu you have the ability to checkout visitors automatically. If you don't monitor your web dashboard, the system will auto-checkout your visitors at the time you specify in the settings. This will ensure that you don’t have visitors still signed in the next day from the previous day if they forgot to sign out. We understand that this feature can also be a negative for security allowing visitors to be unaccounted for if they don’t officially sign out with their badge or with the receptionist. That is why we have made this feature an option for your to decide if you want to enable or disable.

To enable the auto-checkout feature Toggle ON or OFF the “Auto-Checkout” button. Then configure the time of day you want recorded for your visitors when they are checked out automatically.

NOTE: Auto-checkout will run at 11:00pm ET for all Visitu accounts. The time of day you enter in the field will be the visitor sign out time that is recorded in your visitor logs.

Print Badges

Printing badges allows your visitors to wear an adhesive badge while in your facility, This will give employees the security that the visitors has already signed in and also allows them to identify visitors easily. Visitu only supports the Brother QL-710W and Brother QL-720NW printers. You must use one of these printers to print badges. The Visitu iPad app will print to both of these printers wirelessly.

To enable printing visitor badges Toggle ON or OFF the “Print Badges” button. 

Notify Employees of Visitors

Visitu gives you the ability to notify employees when a visitor arrives to meet them. Notifications can be sent from Visitu via Email and SMS. If this feature is enabled, during the sign in process on the iPad visitors will be asked to specify which employee they are there to meet. After the sign in process is complete a badge will print and an automatic Email notification will be sent from Visitu to the employee.

To enable notifying employees when they have a visitor Toggle ON or OFF the “Employee Visiting” button. 

Take Photos

Visitu is set up to take photos of your visitors in order to help employees identify their guests after they receive a notification of their arrival. It will also allow you to keep better records and reports of your visitors history.

To enable taking photos of visitors during the sign in process Toggle ON or OFF the “Take Photos” button.

Background Check

If you would like to run a sex offender background check for all visitors against the National Sex Offender Registry Database you can enable the Offender Check. We highly recommend all schools enable this feature to protect their students and staff from unknown registered sex offenders visiting their school.

To enable running a sex offender background check on all visitors during the sign in process Toggle ON or OFF the “Offender Check” button.

Offender Alert Email

You have the ability to notify individual staff/employees on your campus via EMAIL when their is a possible sex offender alert notification. These are usually Principals, Head of Schools, Resource/Security Officers, etc. Most schools create one email address or email group specifically for this alert (example: Then they will forward that email address to the employees/staff on campus they want notified.

In the "Offender Alert Email" field, enter the email address to want to receive the possible sex offender alert notification.


Send Checkin SMS

Enable this feature if you would like to notify any staff/employees on your campus via TEXT MESSAGE (SMS) when they have a visitor. By default an email will be sent out to employees to notify them when they have a visitor. A text message ensures they get the communication if they are not in front of their computer.

To enable this feature for the sign in process Toggle ON or OFF the “Send Checkin SMS” button.


Send Offender Alert SMS

Toggle this on or off if you would like to notify staff/employees on your campus via TEXT MESSAGE (SMS) when their is a possible sex offender alert notification. An Email is sent by default if you have the Background Check enabled. Since SMS messages have almost a 100% open rate we feel that this type of notification will ensure that the offender alert is received.

Offender Alert Phone Number

In this field you should input the phone numbers of the staff/employees you want notified if a possible sex offender alert notification is sent out. You can add as many phone numbers as you want. Formatting should follow this guideline:

555-555-1212, 555-555-1478, 555-555-3693

Capture Signatures

Visitu allows you to collect signatures on any type of document during the Visitor sign in process. utilize this feature to collect signatures on NDAs, waivers, etc. for your visitors to sign. You will also be able to view these signed agreements from the Visitu Web Dashboard.

Signature Text

In this field you will input your waiver and/or NDAs copy. You can include HTML code to help with formatting paragraphs, spacing, bold text, etc. The copy that is input in this box will be the copy that display for the visitor to agree to during the sign in process on the iPad.

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