Create a Quick Badge

Quick Badges were created to allow frequent visitors a simple and quick way to sign in to the Visitu iPad app.

To create a Visitu Quick Badge, the visitor must sign in using the Visitu iPad app at least one time. After that you can create the visitor a Quick Badge from the web dashboard.

Follow the steps below to create a visitor Quick Badge:

  1. Open a Web browser from your computer.
  2. Navigate to the Visitu Web Dashboard:
  3. Login to the Visitu Web Dashboard with your credentials.
  4. Click the name of the visitor from the Visitor Dashboard to view the visitor's profile.
  5. Click the "Create Quick Badge" button.
  6. Enter the Visitor's Email Address into the Email Address Field.
  7. Enter the purpose for issuing the Quick Badge to the visitor. Some examples are Parent, Volunteer, Board of Trustees, etc.
  8. Click the Submit button to issue the Quick Badge.

The Quick Badge has now been issued.

Next Steps

Have the visitor check their email from their mobile phone. They should receive an email with the details of the Quick Badge. Best practices is to have the visitor download the image attachment in the email to the camera roll on their mobile phone.

How do you use a Quick Badge to Sign In?

When you visit and attempt to sign in using the Visitu iPad, you will simply tap the Lightning Bolt icon on the home screen of the Visitu iPad and scan the QR Code that is at the bottom of your Quick Badge with the front-facing iPad camera. This will sign you into the facility swiftly.

Do you still want to issue a Paper Badge as well?

When visitors use a Quick Badge to sign in you still have the ability print a visitor paper badge as well. This will allow people on campus or in your business to still identify them as a visitor while they are visiting your facility. You will need to enable Quick Badge Paper Badge printing in your iPad settings in the Visitu Web Dashboard.

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