V1 Name Auto-Complete

Visitu has many features that make the sign-in process a breeze, while at the same time improving sign-in times and accuracy. For example, during the sign-in process the visitor “Last Name” field can auto-populate information pulled from your system database. When you or a visitor begins to type in this field, Visitu will search your database for matching names from prior visits. You must type two letters to trigger the search.

Based on the information entered in these fields, Visitu will “know” if a visitor is a recurring visitor and has visited your location before. If so, their sign-in fields may automatically populate, and they may be able to skip the photo step because Visitu keeps the picture from when they initially signed in.

To enable name auto-complete in the dashboard, follow these steps:

1. Navigate to and sign in with your Visitu credentials.

2. Click on the Configuration menu option in the top right-hand menu. 

3. Then click on Visitor Sign-in menu option on the left-hand menu. 

4. The last option on the page is going to be Show Previous Visitors In Autocomplete- click on the toggle switch to switch it over to YES

5. Click "Save" and then be sure to click the "Refresh" button in the settings on your Visitu app.

NOTE: Some Visitu clients would like to be able to turn off name auto-complete due to privacy or security concerns. If this is the case at your location follow the steps above but click the toggle switch to switch it over to NO instead of YES.

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