Ethernet Set-Up for Brother QL-820NWB Printer

Use the article below to configure your Brother QL-820NWB Label Printer to connect to your network via an Ethernet connection.

STEP 1: Connect your printer to your LAN network

Connect an Ethernet cable to the port on the back of the printer. Next, depending on your setup, connect the other end of the Ethernet into the LAN port at your desk, wall, or directly into your switch or router.

STEP 2: Press the power button to turn on the printer. Make sure the green status light comes on.

STEP 3: Find the IP Address of the Printer

  • Use the [▲] and [▼] buttons to select Menu > Information > Print Configuration > All > Start in the settings menu. Press [OK].

  • Nine slips of paper will print. On the seventh slip, locate IP Address (please feel free to discard the other slips that print out).

  • Beside IP Address, you’ll find the IP address for your Brother printer. It's a series of numbers separated by periods (for example: or

NOTE: Although not required, we strongly recommend setting up a static IP Address for the printer on the network to assist with connectivity to the Visitu iPad App.



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