Guided Access Mode - Lock down your Visitu iPad App

Lock your iPad so that only the Visitu app is available on the iPad to your visitors.

We recommend using Guided Access Mode to lock your iPad so that no one accidentally exits or closes the Visitu Visitor Management app. Keeping the app open will help expedite sign in for your guests. 

For more information about Guided Access Mode, you can visit Apple's support page.

Setting up Guided Access on your iPad

  • On your iPad, go to SettingsThen select General and then Accessibility.
  • Within Accessibility scroll down and tap on Guided Access.
  • Turn on the Guided Access by sliding the toggle switch to the right and then within the Guided Access menu, turn on the Accessibility Shortcut by sliding the toggle switch to the right.
  • Click on Passcode Settings within the Guided Access menu and then click Set Guided Access Passcode to set a passcode.

Enable Guided Access within the Visitu app

To activate Guided Access mode, open the Visitu App and press the home button three times. Doing this will pull up your Guided Access settings and once your preferred settings are made, simply click on Start at the top right of your screen.

Disable Guided Access within the app

To disable, or end Guided Access, you’ll once again open the Visitu app and press the home button three times. Next, you’ll enter your passcode and tap End at the top left of your screen.




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