Configure Brother QL-820NWB Badge Printer

STEP 1: Unpack your Printer
Begin by taking your printer out of the box and the packaging.

NOTE: If you follow these instructions, you will not need the Brother instruction manual.

STEP 2: Lock in the Coin cell Battery
Pull back the printer top cover and remove the plastic tab seal sticking out from behind the coin cell battery. Ensure the coin cell battery cover is in the locked position. If not, use a coin (or similar object) to turn the cover to the locked position (make sure to not go past the locked position or push too hard- it could damage the cover).

NOTE: Please make sure the printer is turned off before completing this step. The battery needs to always be inserted with the (-) side down. 





STEP 3: Install the Badge Labels
Take the roll of DK-2251, DK-2205, or DK-1202 badges and insert into the printer with the square portion of the roll holder matching up with the square connector in the printer (it should slide down into the guide on the right hand side). To install the DK label roll, learn more here.

NOTE: We recommend installing a new roll of Brother labels and disposing of the sample roll that comes with the printer.

STEP 4: Plug in the power cord
Plug the black power cord connector into the printer and the plug into a power socket.

STEP 5: Power on the Printer
Press the power button to turn on the printer- make sure the green status light comes on and stays on.

STEP 6: Set the Language, Date and Time
Using the [▲], [▼] and [OK] buttons, you can set your language, time and date as prompted to.







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