Pair Badge Printer with iPad App

STEP 1:  From the iPad, open the Visitu app (if not already opened) and click on the settings icon located on the bottom center of the welcome screen.


  Locate the printer IP address box on the top left-hand corner. Click on the blue magnifying glass (BMG), as this will search your local network to discover available supported Brother label printers on your network. In previous versions of the app, you would have to put in the IP address, but in version 1.6.1, you only have to click on the BMG and the app will discover the printer for you automatically.

NOTE: It is important to only click on the BMG or the "Search" button to find the printer- do NOT put an IP address into the "Selected Printer" box.



STEP 3:  Once the printers are discovered, select the printer you would like to utilize to print badges.


NOTE: To discover your printers, the Brother label printer and the iPad MUST be on the same Wireless SSID network.

STEP 4: Verify the correct IP Address populated to the Printer IP Address field. Click on the SAVE BUTTON to save your settings.



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