Test Badge Printing

This article will help you test the ability to print visitor badges from the Visitu iPad app.

STEP 1:  Turn on your iPad.

STEP 2: From the iPad, Open the Visitu app and tap on the Settings icon located on the bottom center of the welcome screen.


STEP 3:  From the Visitu Settings screen, click on the “Test Print” button.


We recommend only pressing the test print button one time. The printer should print out a test badge a couple of seconds later that should look like the picture below. 


If a badge does not automatically print or gives an error message, please check that your printer name is in the "Selected Printer" field.                                                                

NOTE: We recommend having your IT team configure a static IP address for use by your Brother Label Printer. By using a static IP address, it will provide you with continuous connectivity to your Brother printer; that way you should never have to worry about your IP address getting reset, which could possibly cause issues later on.


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