Enable/Disable Visitor Photos

With Visitu, you can automatically capture a photo of every visitor. You can choose if you’d like to capture a new photo every time, or if you’d like to use photos on file for recurring visitors.

A receptionist will tap the “Sign In Visitor” button, and they’ll enter the visitors information and details. When they reach the photo capture step, they’ll be prompted to have the visitor step into the frame. The photo is captured using the iPad’s rear-facing camera, and they even have a chance to retake the photo to ensure they’re happy with the result. When the visitor completes sign in, their photo becomes part of their visitor entry.

Photos are displayed on your dashboard, in host notifications, and printed on the badge.

Enable or disable visitor photos

STEP 1:  Login to the Visitu Dashboard.

STEP 2:  From the top nav menu, click "Configuration"

STEP 3:  From the left menu, click VISITOR SIGN IN

STEP 4:  Navigate to the "Take Visitor Photos" section.

  • To enable, toggle to the “YES” position.
  • To disable, toggle to the “NO” position.


Benefits of visitor photos

  • In case of a security incident, you can cross check photos on your dashboard with security footage.
  • Having access to each visitor’s photo can help your team identify signed-in guests in the case of emergency or evacuation.
  • Seeing the photo in a email notification helps you know who to greet when there are multiple visitors in the lobby.

"Using existing photos" Feature

When repeat visitors sign in, Visitu will check to see if there is a photo on file. If they already have a photo on file, the receptionist is not prompted to take a new photo. This speeds up sign-in (by about five to ten seconds) and saves the receptionist time.


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