iPad Settings Security Pin

To secure your iPad App settings, you can configure a four-digit PIN. This is especially helpful when visitors, students, or parents have access to the iPad for signing in. We also recommend putting the iPad in Guided Access Mode so that the Visitu app is the only thing visible and accessible on the iPad. To do so, see our Knowledge Base article here.

To set a 4-digit pin, follow these steps:

STEP 1:  Open a Web browser from your computer. We highly recommend using Google Chrome.

STEP 2:  Navigate to the Visitu Web Dashboard:

STEP 3:  Login to Visitu with your credentials.

STEP 4:  From the top navigation menu, click "Configuration"

STEP 5:  From the left menu, click "Security"

STEP 6:  Enter a four-digit security pin.

Settings Pin

This is what the Security menu item will look like; enter a four-digit pin in the field and then be sure to click "Save" as well at the bottom of the page. This pin will be used to enter the settings section on the Visitu iPad app. This is will provide a layer of security so that visitors cannot enter the settings panel on the iPad and change your printer IP address, sign-in camera direction, etc.

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