Supported Hardware

This article outlines what hardware is required to utilize Visitu and which models are supported.

To use Visitu, you will need to access your web dashboard. This requires a computer (PC or Mac) with a web browser (Google Chrome) and an Internet connection.

To use Visitu, you must have an iPad. If you’d like to print visitor badges, you must also have a supported Brother printer and badges. We recommend using an iPad stand for your sign-in iPad, but it is not required.

Supported iPads

Visitu is currently only available for iPad and is not compatible with any other tablet makes or models.

iPads: iPad (2017 - current), iPad Air 2, iPad Air
iPad Pros: iPad Pro 9.7 inch (current), iPad Pro 12.9 inch (current)

Note: You can use Visitu with an iPad (4th generation), iPad (3rd generation) and Apple iPad 2, but it is not supported or recommended. These iPads do not support the current version of Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) and the camera will not scan QR codes or PDF 417 2D bar codes on any State issued Driver's License.

Compatible Brother Badge Printer Models:

We recommend the Brother QL-820NWB printer, which is available for purchase from various retailers, including Amazon and Staples.

Note: Visitu used to support the Brother QL-720NW and the QL-710W printers, but both printers have been discontinued by Brother (Please see these links for additional information: Brother QL-710W and Brother QL-720NW and support for those printers is not longer available in the Brother SDK that our app integrates with.

Supported Badge Labels

Badges can help with school and workplace security and help extend your brand to improve your visitor experience. Visitu supports several different types of badges to suit your needs.

Compatible Printer Badge Labels:

  • Brother DK-2205
  • Brother DK-1202
  • Brother DK-2251

Note: We have several Clients that use the generic versions of the DK 2205 and DK 1202 labels (there's no generic version of the DK 2251 labels that we're aware of) that can be bought in bulk and are a more cost-effective option, but please be aware that these generic labels will not be supported by Brother.

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