V1 How to Place Visitors on the Visitor Whitelist

Sometimes a frequent Visitor may have the same name and DOB as an Offender and become flagged as a false positive match. To place this Visitor on a Whitelist so that they can sign in after they have been vetted/cleared by your school, follow these directions:

1. Sign in with the appropriate credentials at:

2. Navigate to the "Visitor's Log" located on the Visitor's drop-down menu. 

3. Search for the name of the false positive match and then click on the Visitor's name. 

4. Right under the Visitor's name and details, click on the button labeled "Add to Whitelist". 


Note: There is also a button for "Add to Watch List", which is very similar, so it is important to be aware and click the correct button.

5. To view/edit the Whitelist, click on "Visitor Whitelist" under the "Databases" drop-down menu. 


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