How to Schedule Reports


Many schools that utilize Visitu have multiple, separate locations of Visitu and also multiple systems that store similar data. Currently, if a customer has 5 locations and they need to enter tardies into an information system they need to log into 5 different Visitu accounts. As a solution, Visitu offers report scheduling. From the report dashboard, any report can be set up to be automatically sent out on a daily basis at the hour time slot the customer chooses. 

How to set up Report Scheduling:

1. Navigate to and sign in with your Visitu credentials.

2. Click on the Reports drop-down menu and then choose the "Dashboard" menu option.

3. Locate the report that needs to be scheduled daily and click the "Schedule" link located to the right of the "Download" link.

4. A modal will then pop up; the fields on the modal are email (where it should be sent), and time of day (when it should be sent out), and "Save", "Cancel Changes", and "Canceled Scheduled Report" buttons.

Then you will see that the reporting has been scheduled, as indicated by the highlighted green writing and check mark:

The report will then be sent as a CSV file to your email as an attachment. From there, you can download the file to your desktop.


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