V1 How to place Visitors on the Watch List

In Visitu, the Watch List feature can have both negative and positive connotations. If you have a Visitor that should not be allowed entry, like a Parent with a custody issue or someone that's been removed from the premises before, you can place that Visitor as a Warning on the Watch List. However, at times, you'll have a Visitor that you want to know is coming in to visit, like a high-level donor or maybe the Superintendent, so that those that need to be notified will be; you can put that Visitor on the list as Informational. To put any designated Visitors on the Watch List, please follow these directions:

1. Log into with your Visitu credentials.

2. Navigate to the Databases drop-down menu and select Watch List.

3. Click on the New Entry button. This is the form that will come up:

4. Enter the name of the person that you need to place on the Watch List (they don't have to be a previous visitor) and enter the reason for being placed on the Watch List.

5. Select either Informational or Warning; the watch list has a positive and negative side- the positive (Informational) is to allow staff to know, for example, if a high-level donor could be coming in, or it could be the Superintendent- really anyone that you would want to know is going to be on campus for a good reason and maybe you would all want to be on your best behavior. The negative (Warning) is for those that you want to be warned about, whether it be a Parent that doesn't have custody, or someone that's not allowed on the premises for one reason or another or has been previously banned and not allowed entry.

6. Enter the SMS phone numbers that need to be notified via text when this visitor is trying to sign in. You can put more than one by following this format:

Note: The best way to format the phone numbers is with dashes, (no other characters like parenthesis, etc.) separate them by a comma, and have no spaces after the commas. 
7. Enter the email addresses you would like notified that this visitor is trying to sign in. The same format applies to multiple email addresses:
Note: The best way to format the email addresses is to separate with a comma and have no spaces after the commas (CSV formatting). 

8. Click on Add to Watch List. The Visitor is now added to the Watch List and anyone that's been added as a Warning on the Watch List will not receive a badge. Instead, a notification will pop up on the app that says "Please wait for assistance. Administration has been notified." At this point, the front office staff could maybe say something like, "Looks like there might have been a small glitch with sign in- please have a seat and someone will be with you shortly". 

Note: When a Visitor that was placed on the Watch List tries to sign in, a green flag will appear to the right of the name and this is what it will look like in the "Who's Here" section:


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